Excalibur LT430 Specifications.

Dimension & Weight:
10.47" (W) x 12.28" (D) x 1.4" (H) weighing 5.72 lbs with battery pack.

LCD Display Panel:
14.1" Active Matrix TFT LCD Display Panel, XGA resolution up to 1024x768 or SXGA resolution up to 1400x1050.

Intel® Pentium® III-M (Tualatin) processor (Speedstep) with 32KB L1 cache, 512KB full speed L2 cache, uFCPGA2 packaging, .13 micron

Intel 830M chipset
Dual channel UltraDMA/100 bus mastering IDE controllers
Texas Instrument IEEE 1394 Firewire controller

Memory Subsystem:
2 SODIMM banks supporting up to 1GB of unbuffered PC-133 SDRAM

Graphic Subsystem:
Integrated NVIDIA GeForce2 Go, 16MB DDR, OpenGL accelerated

Hard Disk Subsystem:
IBM Travelstar 30GN 20GB Ultra DMA/100 drive, 100MB/s, 2MB cache, 9.5mm high

CD-ROM Subsystem:
Removable 24X slim CDROM (standard) or CDRW, DVD, DVD+CDRW

Sound Subsystem:
Integrated Crystal Logic CS4299 audio

Network & Modem Subsystem:
Integrated Realtek RTL-8139 Fast Ethernet controller
Integrated Wireless LAN controller
Integrated 56K V90 Winmodem (currently not supported under Linux)

System I/O:
One (1) Infrared (IrDA) port
One (1) IEEE 1394 Firewire port
One (1) 100BaseTX Fast Ethernet port
One (1) Wireless Ethernet port
One (1) RJ45 modem port
One (1) ECP/EPP/Bi-directional parallel port
Three (3) USB 1.1 ports
One (1) External DB-15 VGA port
One (1) S-Video TV-Out
One (1) Speaker Out port
One (1) Microphone port

Floppy Drive:
Removable 1.44MB 3.5-inch drive

Built-In TrackPad (PS/2), 2 click buttons

86-keys Windows 98 Keyboard

Preinstalled Software:
Red Hat Linux with ASL optimized kernel
All softwares include CD, manual and warranty card.

Battery Pack:
Li-Ion 8 cells, 3900mAh, 58.05WH Li Ion Battery
Phone: 1.877.ASL.3535