Excalibur LT540 Specifications.

Dimension & Weight:
10.8" (W) x 12.9" (D) x 1.4" (H) weighing 7.32 lbs with battery pack.

LCD Display Panel:
15.0" Active Matrix TFT LCD Display Panel, SXGA resolution up to 1400x10504.

Intel® Pentium® 4-M (Northwood core) processor with Speedstep®, 400mhz Front Side Bus, 512KB full speed L2 cache, uFCPGA2 packaging, .13 micron

Intel 845MP chipset
Dual channel UltraDMA/100 bus mastering IDE controllers

Memory Subsystem:
2 SODIMM banks supporting up to 1GB of unbuffered PC-21001 SDRAM

Graphic Subsystem:
Integrated NVIDIA GeForce2 Go, 16MB DDR, OpenGL accelerated

Hard Disk Subsystem:
IBM Travelstar 40GNX 20GB Ultra DMA/100 drive, 100MB/s, 5400RPM, 8MB cache, 9.5mm high

CD-ROM Subsystem:
Removable 24X slim CDROM (standard), DVD3, DVD+CDRW3

Sound Subsystem:
Integrated AC'97 audio

Network & Modem Subsystem:
Integrated 3Com 3C905C-TX Fast Ethernet controller
Integrated 56K V90 Winmodem2

System I/O:
One (1) Type II PCMCIA slot
One (1) 100BaseTX Fast Ethernet port
One (1) RJ45 modem port
One (1) ECP/EPP/Bi-directional parallel port
Two (2) USB 1.1 ports
One (1) External DB-15 VGA port
One (1) PS/2 port
One (1) Speaker Out port
One (1) Microphone port

Floppy Drive:
Removable 1.44MB 3.5-inch drive

Built-In TrackPad (PS/2), 2 click buttons

88-keys Windows 98 Keyboard

Preinstalled Software:
Red Hat Linux with ASL optimized kernel
All softwares include CD, manual and warranty card.

The BIOS option, Suspend to Disk, is no longer provided in most modern laptops, including the Excalibur LT540. This feature has been removed after Microsoft includes direct support for STD within its Windows operating systems. Under Linux, there has been good progress in the development of software suspend. However, the current version of software suspend does not work well on this model. Thus it will not be supported for now. If the hiberation feature is required, please use Excalibur LT-545.

Battery Pack:
Li-Ion 8 cells, 3900mAh, 70WH Li Ion Battery, 19V DC, 3.68A AC Adapter

  1. Memory operates at PC-1600 speed.
  2. The 56K V90 Winmodem is currently not supported under Linux.
  3. Due to the licensing conflict, Linux does not have a legal mean to decrypt CSS (Content Scrambling System) content. As a result, DVD movies playback is not supported under Linux.
  4. SXGA LCD delivers the sharpest display under 1400x1050. Using any other resolution is not recommended.
Phone: 1.877.ASL.3535