Marquis C600 Specifications.

ASUS NCCH-DL motherboard

Intel Nocona processors, 1MB full speed L2 cache, 800MHz Quad Pumped FSB, NetBurst micro-architecture, HyperThreading (SMT), EM64T, Socket 604

Intel 875P (Canterwood) chipset with AGP 8X
Intel 6300ESB Hance Rapid Enterprise Southbridge
Dual channel DDR400 support 6.4GB/s memory bandwidth
Dual channel UltraDMA/100 bus mastering IDE controllers
Promise PCD203191 4-port Serial ATA 1502 controller
Dual channel SATA150 controllers2 on 6300ESB South Bridge
TI TSB43AB22A IEEE 1394a Firewire controller

Memory Subsystem:
Four DIMM banks supporting up to 4GB PC-3200 unbuffered, ECC DDR memory
Note: Memory must be populated in pairs due to the dual memory channel.

Graphic Subsystem:
ASUS V9520/MG, Nvidia® GeForce FX5200, 128MB DDR, 250MHZ core, 400mhz memory, Analog (DB-15) output

Hard Disk Subsystem:
(Marquis C600-T) Hitachi Desktar 7K250 80GB Serial ATA150 drive, 7200rpm, 8MB cache, 3 year warranty

(Marquis C600-S) Seagate Cheetah 10K6 36.7GB Ultra 320/m hard drive, 10K rpm, 8MB cache, LVD, 5 year warranty

SCSI Subsystem:
(Marquis C600-S) LSI Logic 20320-R Ultra 320/m SCSI-3 PCI controller, 64-bit/133mhz4 PCI-X, 320MB/s burst transfer rate, connect up to 15 devices, one internal 68-pin LVD connector, one external 68-pin LVD connector

CD-ROM Subsystem:
Combo DVD-ROM (16X) and CDROM (52X)/CDR (52X)/RW(24X) drive

Sound Subsystem:
Analog AD1980 AC97 audio CODEC

Network Subsystem:
Integrated Intel 82547EI CSA-based Gigabit Ethernet controller, 1000BaseTX, RJ-45

System Slots:
One (1) AGP 8x3 Pro slot
Two (2) 64-bit/66MHz bus mastering PCI-X slots, 3.3V
Two (2) 32-bit/33MHz bus mastering PCI slots, 5V (shared with Promise PDC20319)

System I/O:
Two (2) RS-232C 16550 serial ports
One (1) ECP/EPP Bi-directional parallel port
Four (4) USB 2.0 ports (rear access only)
One (1) PS/2 Mini DIN keyboard port
One (1) PS/2 Mini DIN mouse port
One (1) Line in, MIC, and Speaker port
One (1) RJ-45 Ethernet port
One (1) IEEE 1394a Firewire port

Floppy Drive:
1.44M 3.5-inch drive5

Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse, PS/2

Keytronic KT-2000 104-key PS/2 keyboard

E-ATX Mid Tower case, FCC Class B, black bezel (standard) / beige (optional)
Sample Chassis Images (shown in beige color):
     Front View, Front View w/ Hotswap Backplane, Side View w/ Fixed Drive Bays
Security locks for the front panel and side panel
Delta DPS-450DB 450W EPS12V power supply with PFC
Three (3) accessible 5.25" drive bays
Four (4) internal 3.5" fixed drive bays (optional hotswap SATA/SCSI backplane)
One (1) 12cm outtake fan, ball bearing
One (1) 9cm HD cooling fan, ball bearing
Dimensions: 533mm (D) x 198mm (W) x 425mm (H)

Preinstalled Software:
Red Hat Linux with ASL optimized kernel, 32-bit or 64-bit operating system
Phone: 1.877.ASL.3535