710E-DP-OPT Specifications.

Blade Enclosure:

ASL 7U Rack mount chassis with rail kit, FCC Class B
Up to ten (10) hot-plug computing nodes
   Note: The base configuration includes one computing node only

Up to two (2) hot-plug chassis management modules
   Remote management of computing nodes, power supplies, cooling fans and network switches
   KVM over LAN / KVM over IP
   Serial over LAN (SOL)
   Remote Power Control
   Command line tool and graphical management software (JAVA)

Up to two (2) hot-plug Gigabit Ethernet switch modules
   Fourteen (14) internal downlink ports for 1st LAN interface off the computing nodes
   Note: A second switch module is required for 2nd LAN interface off the computing nodes
   Ten (10) external uplink RJ-45 ports

One (1) hot-plug 4X DDR Infiniband switch module (optional)
   Mellanox InfiniScale III with 960Gbps bandwidth
   Fourteen (14) 4X DDR downlink ports
   Ten (10) 4X DDR CX4 uplink ports

Four (4) 1620W hotswap and redundant N+1 power supply modules, 93% efficiency
Sixteen (16) cooling fans

Dimensions: 12.1" (H) x 18.5" (W) x 29" (D)

Computing Node

Supermicro BHDME server board

Two AMD® 4-core Opteron® Model 2300 processors, 45nm, Shanghai, 4x512K L2 cache, Socket F
Two AMD® 6-core Opteron® Model 2400 processors, 45nm, Istanbul, 6x512K L2 cache, Socket F

Nvidia MCP55 Pro HyperTransport I/O Hub

Memory Subsystem:
Eight DIMM banks supporting up to 64GB DDR2-800 ECC registered SDRAM memory.
Note: To enable 128-bit memory bus, memory modules must be populated in pairs.
Note: Only Shanghai/Istanbul processors supports DDR2-800 modules.

Graphic Subsystem:
Onboard ATI ES1000 with 16MB display ram

Hard Disk Subsystem:
Up to two hot-plug Serial ATA II 3.5in hard drives with capacity from 250GB to 2TB. These drives can be configured as standalone unit or software RAID 0/1.

Network Subsystem:
Onboard Intel 82571EB Dual-Port PCI-Express Gigabit controller, 1000BaseTX
Onboard in-band and out-of-band remote server management (over LAN, IPMI 2.0) with dedicated LAN
Optional 4x DDR Infiniband mezzanine board

System Slots:

System I/O:
SUV (Serial/USB/Video) and KVM Connector

Preinstalled Software:
Red Hat Linux with ASL optimized kernel, 32-bit or 64-bit operating syste

Phone: 1.877.ASL.3535