Sovereign Series

High performance Terabyte Pedestal Servers

C534 (NEW) K838 (NEW) 2907
Processors One Intel® Xeon® W (18 cores max) One AMD® ThreadRipper Pro 5000 (64 cores max) Two AMD® Epyc 7003 (128 cores max)
Memory Up to 1TB DDR4-2933 ECC registered Up to 2TB DDR4-3200 ECC registered Up to 4TB DDR4-3200 ECC registered
Network Controller Two 1Gbit & 5Gbit Ethernet ports Two 1Gbit & 10Gbit Ethernet ports Two 10Gbit Ethernet ports
Storage Up to 160TB Up to 160TB Up to 160TB
Starting Price $3,057 $4,142 $3,841
Phone: 1.510.249.5900